What is Solvent-Free Cleaning?

Solvent-Free cleaning (or wet cleaning) is a new state-of-the-art method of cleaning all types of garments. It replaces the common dry clean process with a safer and more environmentally sound process.

Dry cleaning uses a harsh solvent known as perchloroethylene or 'perc' to scrub your garments. Perc is a known carcinogen and ozone depleter.

When you dry clean clothes, 97 percent of the perc gets recycled. The remaining 3% absorbs into the garments or evaporates into the air. While perc has been used for almost 100 years, the current trend is towards finding new and safer alternate cleaning methods.  The government of California, always on the forefront of environmental responsibility, has recently banned the implementation of new perc machines in their state.

Wet cleaning is a technology developed by Miele in Germany and used all over Europe that involves using the power of water as the universal solvent. Garments are delicately washed with soaps and protective surfactants, and gently spun. The garments are then professionally pressed using the most up-to-date equipment currently available.

Is it safe for my dry-clean only clothes?

YES. We are so convinced of its benefits that we have completely replaced all our equipment for 100% wet cleaning technology. In fact we have also started cleaning delicate material artifacts from local museums as they trust the safety of our methods.

Other than saving the planet, what are the benefits of solvent-free cleaning?

Solvent-free cleaning will provide you with a result that smells fresh and clean. The colours will be more vibrant.
The fabric will be softer to the touch and kinder to sensitive skin.

It’s all about trust.

We at Monson believe in being the leader in the field of fabric care. We investigated many new technologies and spent hours at various plants across Ontario to make sure we made the right decision for your clothes.  We are convinced that we are using the safest and best technology available. We are extremely proud to be the first and only 100% wet cleaner in Eastern Ontario.